Human Resources
Talent's Strategy


Solid basis and professional knowledge
Smart or talented, strong creativity and strong re-learning ability
Passionate and enthusiastic, hard-working and good communicator, strong team-work spirit.,
Honest, integrity and good professional ethics

Salary and Benefit

We insist on the idea of paying post, ability and achievement.
We insist on scientific salary increase mechanism, match employee’s salary with the reasonable industry standard.
Offer employee with “five one insurance fund”, plus health care, corporate pensions, annual vacation with pay and other welfare.

Employee Development

We insist on the Principles of Management-by-results, meritocracy and to be loyal , select and cultivate talents during business training
Set up different talents’ career paths, employee can get promotion though management sequence, profession sequence, technology sequence and so on.

Leaders’ standard

Honest, integrity, be consistent
Continuous learning, keep entrepreneurial passion and innovation spirit.
Consistently encourage subordinates and dig into their potential capability.
Always being sharply competitive, never hesitated to make decision when facing the challenge.
Understand responsibility, Vigorously implement company strategy and bear fruit.